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Over the years, Maxxelli Consulting has used its excellent local network and knowledge to deliver consulting services to Fortune 500 companies as well as European SMEs. Below we listed some of our past and current projects to give a better idea about the services of Maxxelli Consulting.

A dazzling big server center

Deerns Consulting Engineering firm

Deerns is the biggest Dutch technical business and engineering consultancy company in the field of installation, energy and building physics. They specialise in a full package of services for the development of innovative, reliable and green data centres. Deerns boasts a highly motivated and well-trained group of over 70 data centre professionals. They have a strong reputation and have worked worldwide for over 50 different clients, on more than 350,000m2of white space and more than 1,000 MW of IT power. Most importantly, Deerns has developed some of the world’s most flexible, reliable and energy efficient data centres.

In order to be able to make a well-considered decision upon whether to enter China, Deerns required concrete data about the Chinese database market. Deerns was particularly interested in the current market size of the database industry, who were the customers ordering these database centres and who was currently delivering the database design solutions and construction solutions. They also wanted to understand the current trends in the industry, in particular the ‘going green’ drive. To obtain all this crucial information, Deerns needed a local partner to conduct the market research for them. This information was essential to develop a successful go-to-market strategy.
Maxxelli Consulting conducted market research to find an answer to the questions posed by our client. We focused on getting the data on the potential growth of the database industry in China, the current trends and who the main customers of these centres are. We talked with local industry leaders to get a better understanding of the trends in the industry and the current solution providers, and gave Deerns key recommendations on how to position themselves on the Chinese market.
Particularly excited about the expected growth and current ‘going green’ trends in the database industry, Deerns is now convinced of the potential market for their designs of data centres. Currently they are considering their go-to-market strategy and the way they are going to position themselves in the market.

A main board with a chip

EU Software Company Rollout in China

Maxxelli Consulting was approached by a Dutch software firm which developed an innovative software solution with clear potential for the Chinese market. The software firm was looking for a local partner with the right knowledge and network to rollout their solution on the Chinese market.

The software firm had an excellent product and understood the potential of their product on the Chinese market. The firm had, however, no idea how to access the market. Business models for software companies in China are totally different than those in Europe. SaaS models are, for example, still in their infancy in China. Furthermore, they wanted to understand more about the pricing model, the current competition, IP protection and wanted to find a key team who could manage these operations in China. In short, they needed a local yet international partner who could kick-start their venture in China.
Maxxelli Consulting partnered up with the firm and is providing an end-to-end business incubator service. We are in charge of:

  • Using our network of potential customers to set-up trial round and get market feedback on our product
  • Based on our market analysis, we advised on an ideal G2M strategy
  • Launching a localised marketing campaign
  • Sales planning and leads generating of prioritisation
  • Operational set-up of the firm, including setting-up a legal entity and trademark registration
  • Guiding the recruitment process of an executive management and operational team of 12 people
  • Advice on ideal hosting solutions: local hosting vs. hosting from abroad
What is the situation now? 
We have partnered up with the firm and are doing the rollout of the firm and its services in the Chinese market.
A concept retail store displaying products in a unique way

Chengdu Multibrand store

Maxxelli Consulting was approached by a group of Dutch retail experts who plan to deliver an innovative new retail concept to Chinese consumers. Maxxelli Consulting added value to this venture and we decided to partner up.

We were presented a very strong business concept and innovative business model. The business model however needed to be localized according to China’s specific market situation. There was a need for local market information in order to make the correct financial forecasts. Moreover, the retail experts need a local partner with excellent connections and local information to get the job done in Chengdu.
Maxxelli is providing an end-to-end consulting solution. We are doing the market research needed for financial forecasts and budgeting reports. We look for an ideal location for this 10 000 square meter store and negotiate an optimal contract with the commercial’s building management. Phase by phase, we are working on all the following aspects to deliver the optimal solution for our partners:

  • Optimal legal and fiscal set-up
  • Business permits to operate in China
  • Location: find an 10 000 square meter location in Chengdu’s future commercial hotspot
  • Contract Management
  • Cost analysis
  • Logistic procedures to import goods into China
  • HR recruiting
Maxxelli Consults has just finalized phase 1 of the consultancy assignment. We have prepared an investor proposal with a financial forecast based on local market data which will be used to attract additional European investors. In the next phase, we will advise on the fiscal and legal set-up of this company and select an ideal location and move onto contract negotiations. Seeing the huge potential of this project, we  have also joined the company as a shareholder.
A logo of Taxi-book


Taxi-book is a navigation application with an automated translation platform. It was originally made into paperback versions, whether as an independent product or customized and into branded products in collaboration with partners. Developed by Yocoy, a spinoff software development company of the German Intelligence Center (GIC), Taxi-book has the largest database for Chinese city locations.

Taxi-book was generating low sales with its current pricing model. In addition, Taxi-book marketing was out-dated and mainly catered towards the paperback version. Furthermore, the content input method of taxibook was inefficient and prone to errors. For an application with such high potential and value in the market, there was much improvement to be made.
Maxxelli Consulting developed a new pricing model for Taxi-book to increase sales and attract more customers. Simultaneously, Maxxelli Consulting created internally a new website catered especially towards the Taxi-book app. In addition to increasing regular downloading customers, we saw sales opportunities with Taxi-book in the hospitality, relocation and traveling industries. Therefore, as part of our sales plan, we approached various service apartments, hotels and relocation companies with value propositions on customized/branded applications. Lastly, a new content uploading system is being designed by Maxxelli and outsourced for developement.
Taxi-book is still an ongoing project for Maxxelli Consulting. Together with Yocoy, Maxxelli thrives to take Taxi-book to a new level in terms of the app itself, marketing campaigns, sales deals and data collection.
Website: www.taxi-book.com
A 3D visualization of the Faurecia Plant in Chongqing

Faurecia Automotive Supplier

Faurecia is a specialist in the engineering and production of automotive solutions.Its customer portfolio features practically every automaker around the world, including manufacturers in emerging economies, such as the Indian, Chinese and Korean markets. Faurecia provides customers with a service through its network of 274 production sites in 34 countries.

Ford, one of Faurecia’s key accounts, planned to open a plant in Chongqing, meaning that Faurecia needed to expand its business to Southwest China’s manufacturing hub. They required an optimal site which had client proximity and a reliable local contractor who could build the facility. It was essential for the immediate operation of the business as they required permits from a total of 16 different governmental agencies.
Maxxelli provided Faurecia with an end-to-end consulting solution. Being informed about the future industrial development plans in Chongqing, we selected an ideal location for their plant in the vicinity of their customer. Moreover, we recommended a local contractor who could  build the facility according to Faurecia’s schedule and specifications. In addition,  through our relations and contacts within the local government, we swiflty delivered the needed permits to get Faurecia in business.
The plant was built according to schedule and specifications and is in operation. Through our help, Faurecia possesses unsurpassable advantages in comparison to all other Ford suppliers in Chongqing due to the plant’s proximity to its customer.
Website: www.faurecia.com
A 3D visualization of Renault Koleos


Renault, facing a stagnating demand for cars in the western world and a booming automotive industry in China, knew it needed to enter the Chinese market.Renault set up a joint venture with a local Chinese car manufacturer and decided to open a plant in Wuhan. Renault had no experience in China and needed a local partner in China who was able to act as a bridge between Europe and China, particularly understanding the needs and requirements of its EU personel who were soon to be relocated to Wuhan..
Maxxelli arranged a comprehensive relocation/cultural consulting package for the Renault families moving to Wuhan. We set up a database with suitable housing options available in the city, streamlined procedures to get residence permits for over 150 people, shared info about international schools and advised on medical facilities. Moreover, we conducted substantial cultural training to narrow the gap between the western and Chinese company cultures.
Renault is one of Maxxelli’s real estate key accounts.With the currently ongoing relocation services, Maxxell has become a crucial partner for Renault in China and will further expand its consulting services to Renault, particularly in the field of cross-cultural trainings and cultural guidance.
Website: www.renault.com

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