Understanding Singles’ Day, Looking Back

Understanding Singles' Day, looking back

Singles’ Day is only a few days away, so it is time to start preparing for the biggest shopping spree in the world. Through smart marketing and understanding consumer behaviour, Alibaba has been able to turn the holiday into the enormous celebration of shopping that it is now.
Singles’ Day is a heavy burden on China’s infrastructure. Hundreds of millions of people visit the same few websites and order masses of goods, that they want to receive as soon as possible. The result of all of this is the unique Singles’ Day mix of materialism and chaos.

Last year’s Singles’ Day shows us just how big 11.11 is. More than 9 Guinness world records were broken in that one day, which makes us wonder if the same will happen this year. When we want to know what kind of 11.11 and what kind of chaos we should expect, it is a good idea to look at last year, and at the general history of 11.11.

This infographic will help you better understand Singles’ Day:


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