Maxxelli is a fast growing organization. Every month we are adding new members to our China team spread out over the 13 offices in China. Over the years Maxxelli’s business scope expanded from real estate to relocation, marketing and foreign direct investment management. To foster our future growth, we are on the lookout for talented individuals who are able to execute our various projects.

Currently we are hiring people for the following positions in China:

Maxxelli Real Estate:
1. Customer Service
2. Sales
3. Operation Manager//Account Manager
4. Housing
5. Accountant
6. Marketing Specialist

For detailed job description and requirements, please check here.

For the Maxxelli Real Estate positions, please apply via

Maxxelli Consulting

Project manager: please check job description and requirements.

Project assistant: job description and requirements.

Finance assistant: job description and requirements.

Open solicitation: We are always on the lookout for smart, enthusiastic and competent new employees who can realize our vision. Interested in joining our team? Please send an email to  We will gladly invite you for an interview in one of our 13 offices across China.

Address :

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