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2nd Hand Furniture Sales

As an expat living in China, you may find yourself with second-hand furniture you no longer need or wish to sell as you are getting ready to repatriate. Fortunately, there are several avenues available for selling used furniture. In this article, we will guide you through the process of selling second-hand furniture in China, including both offline and online options.

Assessing the Furniture's Condition:
Before listing your furniture for sale, carefully evaluate its condition. Take note of any damages, wear, or cosmetic flaws as these factors will affect potential buyers' interest and the asking price.

Offline Options:
a. Local Classifieds:
- Look for newspapers, community corkboards, or expat-specific classifieds in your city that allow you to post advertisements for selling furniture.
- Take clear pictures of your furniture, along with a detailed description and your contact information, and post your ad in these local outlets.

b. Utilize Social Media:
- Join expat or local community groups on popular social media platforms such as WeChat, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
- Seek out specific groups dedicated to expat living, where you can post your furniture listings along with photos, prices, and contact details.
- Don't forget to mention any unique selling points or features to attract potential buyers.

c. Furniture Swaps:
- Check if there are any local flea markets or community events where you can set up a booth to sell your furniture.  This is often prior to the summer breaks and organized by expat community groups or in and around the international schools.
- Organize your own Furniture Swap in your community.  Again, during the pre-summer transition, there will be many people looking to sell lightly used furniture and those looking to take advantage of potential deals.

Online Options:
a. E-commerce Platforms:
- Explore popular local e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, or These platforms offer comprehensive options for selling not only new but also second-hand items.  闲鱼Xian You is another app that has become very popular in recent years for both buyers and sellers.
- Create a seller account, upload attractive photos of your furniture, write a compelling description, and set reasonable prices.
- Consider hiring a friend with Chinese language proficiency or using translation tools to navigate the Chinese platforms effectively.

b. Expat-oriented Online Forums:
- Join expat forums like eChinacities, Internations, or ExpatWoman. They have dedicated sections for selling and buying second-hand items.  
- Each city will also have numerous Furniture Sales groups within WeChat.  You'll need to ask around to get invited.
- Besides groups, you can also sell furniture on your WeChat Moments.  You never know which contact is looking for a bargain.

Price Setting and Negotiations:
a. Research Local Market Prices:
- Check online platforms or visit local furniture stores similar to yours to determine the average market value of your furniture.
- Set the asking price slightly higher to allow room for negotiations.

b. Be Open to Reasonable Offers:
- Pricing your furniture slightly higher accounts for negotiation. Be prepared to consider reasonable offers without undermining your profitability.  As your departure date nears, you may need to lower your expectations to simple move the furniture.

With some research, thoughtful pricing, and effective communication, you can successfully sell your second-hand furniture.  It's amazing how much you collect in just a short time in China.  Rather than trashing old furniture, the 2nd hand sales avenue allows you to recoup some of your investment and give the furniture a 2nd home.
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